Abdu’l-Baha in New York – Day 6

Apr 16

Tuesday, April 16, 1912

Excerpt from Juliet Thompson’s Diary

This morning the Master agreed to speak at the Bowery Mission.

“I want to give them some money,” He said to me. “I am in love with the poor. How many poor men go to the Mission?”

“About three hundred, my Lord.”

“Take this bill to the bank, Juliet, and change it into quarters,” and He drew from His pocket a thousand-

franc note.[99] “Have them put the quarters in a bag. Keep the money and meet Me at the Mission with it.”

He handed another thousand-franc note, with the same instructions, to Edward Getsinger.

As I left His room, lilies of valley in my hand, a young chambermaid stopped me. “Did He give you those?” she asked. “He gave me some flowers yesterday. Roses. I think He is a great Saint.”

Later, May Maxwell and I were together in the Master’s room. He was lying back on His pillow, May’s baby crawling over Him, feeding first the baby, then May and me with chocolates.[100] On the pillow beside Him was the victor’s wreath, which He always kept near Him. Suddenly He brought up Percy’s name.

“I love Dr Grant,” he began. “He has rendered Me a great service. I love him very much, but I want you to be careful.”

“My Lord, I believe my heart is severed,” I said. “I don’t know but I believe so.”

He looked at me with arch incredulity: “No? Really?” He said.

May laughed.

“What do you know about it?” the Master asked.

“May knows everything about it.”

“Well, has she helped you? How far has her help gone? Has it been sufficient for you?”

“She has helped me, but only God is sufficient when love has gone as deep as that.”

“I know. Now, can you transfer this love to God?”

“To God I can. To You.”

“No. To God.”

“Yes … I can … to God.”

“That will be enough! I shall try to make no more marriages,” laughed the Master. “When you have really given up,” He added, “he will come after you.”[101]

“I love Dr Grant,” He continued, “very, very much, but I want to protect you.”

“May I ask a question?” said May. “If Juliet put the thought of Dr Grant forever out of her mind, would this be good?”

But the Master answered evasively: “If he would become a believer and marry Juliet it would please Me very much.”

“Don’t we tire You?” I asked a little later. “Oughtn’t we to leave You now?”

“No, stay. You rest Me. You make Me laugh!” He answered.


Excerpt from Mahmud’s Diary

From early morning until late afternoon many believers and seekers came by requesting permission to see `Abdu’l-Bahá. Many sat on the porch waiting their turn and were extremely grateful if they could see Him for just a few minutes and be personally addressed by Him.

The public meeting today was held at the home of Mr [Arthur Pillsbury] Dodge. After lunch, `Abdu’l-Bahá spoke on the subject of the unity of nations brought about by the power of God, the influence of the words of Bahá’u'lláh and the ascendancy of His Cause. Because a large number of people were present, they entered through one door and, after greeting the Master, shaking His hand and seeking His blessings, left by another. Some were tearful while others were smiling and elated, asking for His assistance that they might be successful in teaching and in serving the Cause. This was the state of the people at all the public meetings. If I were to write about this in detail, it would take many volumes.

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