‘Abdu’l-Baha’s last journey to the West

Mar 25

On 25 March, 1912, Abdu’l-Baha set sail from Alexandria on the last of his epic journeys to the West. This was to be the longest of his trips as he did not return to Egypt until 17 June 1913.  He arrived in New York City on 11 April 1912 aboard the S.S. Cedric, and spent  239 days in North America. He then proceeded to spend an additional 6 months in Europe...

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The Two Kinds of Light

Nov 05

November 5th, 1911 Today the weather is gloomy and dull! In the East there is continual sunshine, the stars are never veiled, and there are very few clouds. Light always rises in the East and sends forth its radiance into the West. There are two kinds of light. There is the visible light of the sun, by whose aid we can discern the beauties of the world around...

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Paris Talks: The Spiritual Meetings in Paris

Nov 04

November 4th, 1911 All over Europe today one hears of meetings and assemblies, and societies of all kinds are formed. There are those interested in commerce, science, and politics, and many others. All these are for material service, their desire being for the progress and enlightenment of the world of matter. But rarely does a breath from the spirit world breathe...

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Paris Talk: Material and Spiritual Progress

Nov 02

2 November 1911 ‘Abdu’l-Bahá said: How beautiful the weather is today, the sky is clear, the sun shines, and the heart of man is made glad thereby! Such bright and beautiful weather gives new life and strength to man, and if he has been sick, he feels once more in his heart the joyous hope of health renewed. All these gifts of nature concern the physical side of...

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Paris Talk: The Two Natures in Man

Nov 01

Today is a day of rejoicing in Paris! They are celebrating the Festival of ‘All Saints’. Why do you think that these people were called ‘Saints’? The word has a very real meaning. A saint is one who leads a life of purity, one who has freed himself from all human weaknesses and imperfections. In man there are two natures; his spiritual or higher nature and...

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