Paris Talk: The Clouds that Obscure the Sun of Truth

Oct 27

THE CLOUDS THAT OBSCURE THE SUN OF TRUTH 4 Avenue de Camöens, Morning of Friday, October 27th The day is fine, the air is pure, the sun shines, no mist nor cloud obscures its radiance. These brilliant rays penetrate into all parts of the city; so may the Sun of Truth illumine the minds of men. Christ said, ‘They shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of...

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Paris Talk: God’s Greatest Gift to Man

Oct 26

GOD’S GREATEST GIFT TO MAN Thursday, October 26th God’s greatest gift to man is that of intellect, or understanding. The understanding is the power by which man acquires his knowledge of the several kingdoms of creation, and of various stages of existence, as well as of much which is invisible. Possessing this gift, he is, in himself, the sum of earlier...

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Paris Talk: The Imprisonment of ‘Abdu’l-Baha

Oct 25

THE IMPRISONMENT OF ‘ABDU’L-BAHÁ 4 Avenue de Camöens, Wednesday, October 25th I regret much that I have kept you waiting this morning, but I have so much to do in a short time for the Cause of the love of God. You will not mind having waited a little to see me. I have waited years and years in prison, that I might come to see you now. Above all, God be praised,...

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Paris Talk: The Universal Love

Oct 24

THE UNIVERSAL LOVE October 24th An Indian said to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá: ‘My aim in life is to transmit as far as in me lies the message of Krishna to the world.’ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá said: The Message of Krishna is the message of love. All God’s prophets have brought the message of love. None has ever thought that war and hate are good. Every one agrees in saying...

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Paris Talk: The Light of Truth is Now Shining Upon the East and West

Oct 23

THE LIGHT OF TRUTH IS NOW SHINING UPON THE EAST AND WEST Monday, October 23rd When a man has found the joy of life in one place, he returns to that same spot to find more joy. When a man has found gold in a mine, he returns again to that mine to dig for more gold. This shows the internal force and natural instinct which God has given to man, and the power of vital...

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